Find out ways to ensure that your child has a healthy mind and a happy childhood

Resolve your life’s complications for a peaceful and healthy life

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We nurture and care for the mental wellness of our seniors

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Enrich your organization’s potential with a sound mind and a happy employee


We encourage you to express joy, fear grief and conflict without any inhibitions here, a safe zone for every emotion that you feel within.


Through our carefully curated programs, we help you find a permanent, sustainable and enduring change by (unraveling) yourself in a climate of intimacy, trust, support and care.


Through constructive expression of all your emotions, we act as the sounding board which reflect words of advice that germinate inside you and help you find the balanced life that you are looking for.


Counselling for a Quality Life

Welcome to Kaleidoscope, where we encourage the talk about one’s innermost thoughts and feelings and provide a safe space to unravel and unburden oneself from the complications of everyday life.

As an individual, our innermost thoughts get left out from reaching the surface. We react and do things, as is expected by the society around us. Sometimes these suppressed thoughts are the key to many problems and are also their solutions.

A healthy mind always leads to a healthy body. Reaching our innermost thoughts and feelings can lead to a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Kaleidoscope is here to extend support and nurturing care to children unable to express themselves, adolescents facing difficulty with body image, adults trying to manage work and personal life, couples facing marital issues or senior citizens alone at home and more.

Talk to our Experts !

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We extend our expert support and nurturing care to children who are unable to express themselves, adolescents facing difficulty in coping with life, adults trying to manage work and personal life, couples facing marital issues or senior citizens alone at home and more. We are committed to guide you through any phase of life with utmost care and empathy.

Child & Adolescent Care

As children develop physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we understand the challenges parents may face in knowing how best to support their child’s development.

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Adult & Family Care

Adult Care offers a helping hand to resolve the complications that you are facing and help you lead a peaceful and healthy life.

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Senior care

Senior Care Management is dedicated to nurture and care for the mental wellness of the senior citizens in our society.

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Professional Wellbeing

We are here to help your organization to reach your goal with a sound mind and happy employee.

Meet Psychologists

Meet our expert team of certified and experienced clinical and counselling psychologists who are there to guide you through your journey.

Clients’ Speak

We are again a happily married couple

My name is Leena, I am 35 years old. I have been married for 7 years now, but the problems became severe after 2 years. There was no communication between us and no love left. We finally decided to consult a psychologist, that’s how we met Dr. Ishita Mukerji. We have finally started to talk and spend good time with each other. She has been extremely patient during the sessions. I can’t thank her enough for making our lives back to how we were, as a happily married couple, five years back. You are doing a great job Doc and thank you for your healing touch.

We can finally see our son getting softer, polite and understanding

My elder son is 22 years old, he would not talk to us, neither interact and would argue a lot with all the family members. He became very aggressive after going to college and would want everything his way all the time. We had heard a lot about Kaleidoscope from people and thought of visiting once. The Psychologist there took care of our son so well and dealt very patiently with him, during the sessions. We can finally see our son getting softer, polite and more understanding towards our concerns for him. We are very content with the services. Thank you so much, would want to visit Kaleidoscope again for any sort of guidance.

My life is back on track and worth living for

Hi, my name is Prateek. I used to feel very low all the time. I visited Kaleidoscope for my low moods where I consulted a Clinical Psychologist. I was diagnosed with Clinical depression. I have received the best care and support from Kaleidoscope. I would want to thank my psychologist, for getting my life back on track and making it worth living for. I am very happy with his services. I highly recommend everyone struggling to come and seek assistance from psychologists at Kaleidoscope.

My elderly parents have benefited from the companionship

My father and mother are 65+ and were. We live in Australia and would often worry about their health. They would not eat, sleep and constantly worry which started to show symptoms in their physical health. We came to know about Kaleidoscope and how it offers different services for old people. I have had a very nice experience at Kaleidoscope. The psychologist assigned, provided them with therapy and kept us updated about their health. She not only helped them in the sessions but provided companionship as well. She was calm and composed, I am very happy with her and Kaleidoscope’s services. I highly recommend this organization for elderly counseling.

Our son can now express his emotions in a healthy way

My 13 year old son was throwing a lot of tantrums and was showing rude behaviour. As parents, we were very worried as we gave him the best of resources available. Our family and friends asked us to take him to a Psychologist. After looking at various websites, we finalized our choice for Kaleidoscope. A Counselling Psychologist started taking the sessions. She was a patient listener, and always briefed us about the sessions. She helped our child to express all his emotions in a healthy way and also educated us about the ways we need to communicate with him. Our overall experience was good with the team of Kaleidoscope from the booking of sessions, to the atmosphere in their clinic, and the therapy. I thank them all for their support.


Online classes: Poor students in Delhi struggle due to lack of internet connections

Kartik, a student of Class IX at a Delhi government school, has been finding it hard to attend online classes. The son of a rickshaw-puller doesn’t have a laptop and the family possesses only one smartphone, that too by his father. Since the lockdown was imposed March 25, Kartik’s father has been selling vegetables to make their ends meet.

My daughter talks a lot about death these days! Please help

It is a normal phenomenon for children to have some specific fears at different points in their childhood. As your child grows and is exposed to sources to learn more about the world, certain things definitely becomes frightening and confusing at the same time. However, you need not worry about this and understand that this and such similar fears usually disappear on their own as your daughter

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