About Us

psychologist helping young couple in her private consulting room

K aleidoscope aims to be your friend and mentor on this journey. We believe in looking after our patients’ holistic well-being, helping to make your journey through life a more rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Kaleidoscope is led by a team of experienced and internationally certified psychologists who have designed programs, workshops, and counseling sessions to suit the needs of individuals across all age groups.

We provide a safe space for every individual to express, and reflect on, their feelings with comfort; without judgment; and with respect for the uniqueness of each individual. We provide our services at our care centers and through our outreach programs.

Why Us

Expert Team

  • Internationally certified professionals

  • Evidence-based intervention strategies

  • In-house Research and Development team

Customized Solutions

  • Exclusively customized packages

  • Detailed study of individual cases

  • Dedicated team for personalized care

Care Center

  • Specialized rejuvenating therapy rooms

  • Priority to comfort and confidentiality

  • Strict protocols for hygiene and safety

Our Philosophy

We aim to bring in a change in the way our society perceives mental health issues. We want to bring in the shift from hushing up conversations to bringing the rightful concern, for mental wellbeing, among the responsible members of the family. This gives, not only courage to speak about it, but will eventually empower every individual to take a step towards the right course of action. Our society is in dire need of an awakening, for mental well being and mental health.

We implement tools and methodologies based on researches from across the world, to create a safe space for individuals to talk freely about their mental well being and thereupon guiding them through their afflictions, holistically. We aim to transcend our status as a care provider and emerge as a centre of evolution within the field.

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