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Adult and family care services have been carefully tailored to help you resolve the complications that you may face in your personal or family life and guide you towards holistic happiness. With changing circumstances and contexts, human lives are becoming increasingly dynamic and complex.

Amidst, issues like the COVID 19 pandemic, has further demonstrated the need for paying attention to our mental health concerns. Clinical concerns like depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, panic attacks, sexual dysfunctions, addiction, has become household knowledge in recent years. Moreover, family disputes have started appearing more and more as people have been increasingly finding it difficult to maintain a balance across all the aspects of life. In such troubled times, it becomes a matter of utmost importance to take care of these issues to live a peaceful life. Our team of certified and trained clinical psychologists and cousellors use a range of evidence-based therapeutic and counselling techniques, coupled with an empathic, supportive, and completely confidential approach to help you unburden yourself from your troubles.

Signs that you have Mental Health Issues

  • If lately, you’ve been having low mood fairly consistently

  • If you feel your daily routine has gone haywire and you are not as productive as before

  • If you have the same thoughts repeatedly despite not wanting them

  • If you repeat the same activity throughout the day

  • If you feel panicky in front of an audience

  • If you feel helpless, hopeless, or worthless

  • If you are addicted to any substance like alcohol, cannabis, etc.

  • If you have a fear of animals, heights, closed spaces, etc.

  • If you feel that you’re unable to relax at all

  • If you persistently have problems in your interpersonal relationships

  • If you lack confidence in yourself

Adult and Family Care Services

Our lives are becoming increasingly stressful given the ever-evolving demands of our personal and professional lifestyles. Most of us find it difficult to maintain a healthy balance across these different aspects, be it marital, parenthood or professional. Kaleidoscope offers therapeutic services with empathy, support and complete confidentiality to help you work towards achieving a healthy and well- balanced life.

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments are standardized assessment measures to understand the individual’s personality traits and dynamics, intellectual abilities, clinical symptoms, and emotional state. The assessments help to understand the concerns better and create a tailored therapeutic plan for the client. The major areas of assessment we focus on includes -

  • Personality trait assessment
  • Personality dynamic assessment
  • Assessment for clinical symptoms like depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, OCD, phobia, etc.
  • Intelligence assessments including IQ testing, ability assessments, etc.
  • Assessment for emotional states including Emotional Quotient, emotional stability and sensitivity, coping ability, etc.

Individual Counselling

Mental Health issues take several different forms. If ignored, these issues can be major hurdles in your life. The issues can be about low mood, loss of pleasure, and disturbed sleep and appetite which happens in depression; dysregulation of emotion and interpersonal difficulties that happen in personality disorders; repeated intrusive thoughts and actions that happens in OCD; being addicted to substance like alcohol, cannabis, opioids, etc; disrupted biological and arousal levels which happen due to stress, anxiety and panic attacks; sexual dysfunction leading to marital and relationship issues. Whatever may be the concern, our team of experienced and licensed psychologists are there to hear you out and guide you through the path of recovery. At Kaleidoscope, we provide both face to face and online/telephonic therapy sessions to our clients. The issues are dealt with using standardized assessment measures to understand the complete psychological picture and different modes of evidence-based therapeutic techniques.

Family Counselling

The human is not just an individual agent. He/she is an active member of a larger group called the family. Thus, it is not just the individual who is prone to be having problems, but the family can also have issues that affect all the constituent members. This mainly revolves around family dynamics, roles, and communication patterns. Wherever the cause may lie, the resultant situation always troubles the individuals across all the domains of life. And it becomes imperative to address these issues at the family level to help the members co-habit peacefully in a cooperative manner. At Kaleidoscope, our experienced team of psychologists follow a systemic approach of family therapy techniques wherein the family members are individually dealt with at times and then as a group to restructure the dynamics and provide guidance at both micro and macro levels.

Relationship Counselling

Humans are social animals and thus relationships play a pivotal role in deciding the quality of life for all individuals. And like all other aspects of a person’s life, this area is also not devoid of its own share of difficulties and issues. Be it compatibility, connection, expectations from a relationship, having youngsters, not having kids, marital issues the rundown just continues forever. Relationship Counselling offers assistance to determine these confusions and assist you to lead a tranquil and solid life. It is the route toward coordinating the people having badly arranged contrasts and stress upon the relationship. At the point when the issue is known, an effort is made to see, and mix the situation so it might be managed better. We have a specialist group of analysts and advisors who give proof based remedial methods and various ways to deal with the difficulties and challenges, you might be confronting.

Issues addressed in Relationship Counselling
  • Communication problems
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Financial problems
  • Uncontrolled anger
  • Infidelity
  • Overstepping boundaries
  • Substance abuse
  • Family conflicts

Pre- Marital counselling

Pre-marital counselling is a specific kind of treatment that assists couples with understanding their compatibility and getting ready for marriage. It enables the couple to have a solid perspective and attitude towards marriage. This in turn would help them to create and keep up a significant and satisfying relationship as a couple. We also assess your key strength areas that can be beneficial for creating individualized target plans for your growth, development, and wellbeing. With the help of several standardized tools available, we understand your personality, achievement, general well-being, compatibility, etc. The counselling sessions are steered by our team of trained and internationally certified counsellors who will help you find your way back to a life that is healthy and peaceful.

young couple facing relationship problems

Post Marital counselling

Marriage counselling or post-marital counselling, encourages couples to investigate, perceive, and resolve clashes to improve and strengthen their relationship. Through marital counselling, one can decide to remake their relationship with better perspectives or head out in a different direction. A couple must understand when it gets hard for them to be in a relationship which is no longer a nurturing one. It's always smarter to consult a counsellor, as opposed to postpone it and strain the relationship further. We try and understand your ongoing problems, your issues of concerns, the understanding and inclination in the relationship. These tools help determine the issues and their severity. The counselling sessions are steered by our team of trained and internationally certified counsellors who will help you find your way back to a life that is healthy and peaceful.

Career Fit Program

Career is an ongoing mechanism in our lives. The decision which we take in our career is not just sufficed at school or college level. When we enter the arena of jobs, our career decisions are mostly inspired by multiple opinions. And often following these opinions might not provide the same level of job satisfaction and quality of life that we expect. Hence, our career counsellors are here to make you enter into a path of self-awareness wherein we understand your potential along with your interests and your personality traits. We then collaboratively understand these aspects and provide you with a career option that is a better fit for you, which in turn provides you with satisfaction and increases your productivity at work.

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