8 simple yet highly-effective ways to deal with stress

Stress is an inevitable part of a human life. We encounter several situations in our lives wherein we face troubles and do not have sufficient resources to deal with them effectively.


For those of us who are practising the art of psychotherapy, we have so many different theoretical orientations to train ourselves in; so many techniques and practices to employ that eventually assist other individuals to go through the tough times of their lives.....

Self practices to see yourself as a whole

Self practices to see yourself as a whole 1. Journaling:- Having a ritual of jotting down one’s strengths, weaknesses and neutral attributes is a great self help practice. Jotting down your own achievements and failures is another great self help practice....

4 Easy Self Help Practices to Manage Social Anxiety

4 Easy self help practices to manage social anxiety 1. Maintain a Self Help Diary:- Maintaining a self help book or (dairy) is the very first step to effectively deal with social anxiety. In that dairy, regularly monitor your thoughts, feelings and behavior...

Importance of Personality & Work-Environment Type

Determine Your Career Choice: Importance of Personality & Work-Environment Type Most of the people are one of the six personality types when it comes to choosing a career: Realistic (R), Investigative (I), Artistic (A), Social (S), Enterprising (E) or...

5 Moves for your Horizontal Career Growth

Keep Going: 5 Moves for your Horizontal Career GrowthCareer Growth comes when you engage actively in your academic and extra-curricular profile. It takes years to have a strong profile. Your career moves begin when you join the school yet it becomes more...

Best of 5 Career Lessons for a School Student

Best of 5 Career Lessons for a School StudentAs a student, we all have an aspiration... an aspiration to learn in life. One of the biggest decisions of our lives is about our careers. We aspire to have a great and fulfilling career. To achieve that, we...

4 ways to study smart!

4 Ways to study smart! Sleep well to study well: Sleep is crucial to brain development as it helps brain cells grow and connect. Research says a sleep for 8 hours a day results in optimal functioning. In fact, a small power nap in the afternoon can also be...

7 reasons why children bully others

The other side: 7 reasons why children bully others It is important to keep in mind that kids who bully others are not “bad” kids. This behavior of bullying does not define who they are or how they are and definitely not the best reflection of their...


Bullying A bully can turn something like going to the school or to play ground into a nightmare for kids. It can make a child feel miserable and also leave deep emotional scars. It is important to be aware and look for signs of being bullied in your child. When you...

5 Career Lessons for a School Student

Best of 5 Career Lessons for a School Student 1. Strategic Career Plan A career plan is a strategic way of listing short-term and long-term goals highlighting the actions which you will take-up in future. Every student is unique so is your plan of...

Keep Going

Keep Going: 5 Moves for your Horizontal Career Growth Get an advanced degree:Your educational degrees are the investment to your future. Attending a college is a major commitment of time and money. Make sure you invest in the right college and the right...

Keep It Handy

Keep It Handy: Five Fundamental Acts for Caregivers of People with Dementia

Depression in Elderly

Depression in Elderly: 5 Simple Life-Style Changes for a Better Life

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