Frequently Asked Questions

Child and Adolescent care is a segment of Kaleidoscope’s services, where we provide counselling sessions and therapeutic intervention to children and adolescents for a healthy and strong mind, body, and soul. Services like workshops and training programs for parents, guardians, and teachers are also available that help them understand the child’s perspective and get through to them in a productive way. Kaleidoscope has a trained and certified team of psychologists and counsellors who provide children and adolescents with a safe environment that helps them open and talk about their experiences.
We offer counselling sessions, therapeutic intervention, training programs, and workshops. These services are offered both at our care centre as well as at the school.
The Growth Monitoring Screening (GMS) Performa explores the holistic development of a child or an adolescent. It also provides a platform to screen children for any psychological symptoms that may affect their healthy growth. With this tool, we identify early signs of mental health challenges in children and help them receive adequate treatment for it.
We use various assessment and diagnostic techniques to access your child’s condition. Some of the tools we use are MISIC (Malin’s Intelligence Scale for Indian Children), ISAA (Indian Scale for Assessment of Autism), WISC (Wechsler’s Intelligence Test for Children), RSPM (Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices), NIMHANS SLD (Specific Learning Disabilities) Battery, etc.
No drugs are administered for the Growth Monitoring Screening.
Each client has a different treatment plan, depending on the severity of the condition. Thus, the duration of the therapy would also differ.
We have a highly qualified team of child psychologists and counsellors who ensure that your child is comfortable and feels safe to express their feelings.
We offer all kinds of therapy, such as online therapy*, group therapy, one to one therapy (short-term and long-term). For example, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectic Behaviour Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Aroma Therapy, etc.
We offer counselling services in a supportive and caring environment.
We offer therapy sessions for parents and other family members, as well. Sensitizing the parents and guardians about the challenges faced by their children in the real world, help them understand the child’s perspective and lets them easily connect with their children.
We offer training and assessment services for children with special needs. We have highly trained experts who are trained to address dyslexia, autism, attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder, etc.
We provide telephonic and online assistance. For more information, kindly contact us on +91 4131 5433 / +91 74285 81953
There are no side effects of the treatments we provide.
We are a one-stop solution for all your mental health and wellbeing. We cater to clients of all ages in a supportive, non-judgmental, and secure environment. Our child and adolescent department have specialized care designed by child psychologists and expert researchers to dynamically work with all situations that may arise during the developmental years of a child or a teenager. Our services extend to the client’s parents, guardians, family as well as the school.
Our holistic approach towards treatment and growth ensures that adequate aftercare is provided to clients post the treatment. This helps us track the changes or development in your child.
We offer a variety of trainings and workshops. We keep updating information about the same on our social media handles. To get more detailed information, here is the link to our social media handles.
Yes, we do provide comprehensive online reports to schools, teachers, parents, and guardians.
Apart from Child and Adolescent Care, we also offer Adult Care, Senior Care Management, Organization Support and Career counselling.
The payments can be made by cash, cheque, and electronic transfer of debit/credit cards.
We provide full confidentiality to our clients. The only person to receive the information would be a referring consultant or doctor. When we think that it might be useful for the child and adolescent’s school or extra-curricular engagement staff, etc., to receive some of the information, we will hold in-depth discussions with the child and adolescent’s parents (and/or) guardian before disclosing the information to anyone.
We would maintain full confidentiality regarding your contact and treatment with us. We follow strict ethical principles, and there would be no breach of privacy.
We are sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction with the services received from other mental health providers. However, we follow strict research evidence-based techniques to ensure an excellent treatment plan and recovery for each client. The plan is shared and thoroughly discussed with the client and is involved in the decision-making process. Such concerns would be dealt with during the first (consultation) session by our expert mental health providers.
An essential step towards growth is the realization that we need help. And going for treatment is often a very challenging task for people. At Kaleidoscope, we interact with children on their level to make them comfortable and give them a safe space to express themselves in a way they want to.
We can help you with our online consultation services. Our internationally trained mental health practitioners are experts in providing consultations to people from various cultures and backgrounds.
We have dieticians, physiotherapists, and yoga instructors, along with trained mental health professionals who help in the holistic development of children. This team can help you design target plans that are aimed at not only enhancing your mental health but also consider your physical health.
We can assist in providing holistic development to your child. Our training and approach towards your child’s growth also help to increase the child’s academic performance, in most cases.
Often parents feel stigmatized due to their child’s mental health conditions. They are not able to find the right information and assistance to help their child. And this leaves them feeling helpless, and sometimes even host aggression towards themselves and the child. Without professional support, it is complicated for parents to help their children as well as themselves. The most common concerns are taken care of once they enter a therapeutic alliance with trained professionals.
Parents often complain that it is challenging to communicate with their children. These communication gaps end up becoming reasons for differences between parents and children. Apart from one on one counselling, we have designed specialized modules for parents and children to enhance effective communication bonds with the focus on mental health enhancement.
We provide mental health support facilitiesfor all kinds of issues or challenges via counselling, therapy, interventions, workshops and trainings. We also offer personality development and mental health growth development mechanisms via workshops and trainings.
Yes. We do provide telephonic assistance between 10 AM to 5 PM for the patient who are taking therapy sessions at our care centre. Our team of psychologists have international qualifications and have a strong sense of working with diverse cultural norms while adopting an evidence-based treatment plan for each client.
We do provide career counselling. Please find the link here.
You can reach out to our team via phone call, email or website. Our executives will help you with the enrolment and payment process.
We use a wide variety of assessment tools. These tools cover all issues and conditions that can be categorized as severe and moderate disorders, as well as mild issues that can be treated through counselling.
We offer specialized mental health services for psychological disturbances. Our team of mental health professionals supports each client by focusing on their personal conditions and issues with the utmost care, respect, and confidentiality.
Kaleidoscope Life Skill also provides Child and Adolescent Care, Organization Support, Career counselling and Senior Care Management. For further information, please contact us.
Payments can be made by cash, cheque, electronic transfer, or debit/credit cards.
If you or anyone around you feels that you need help, it’s always a good idea to take a professional opinion. We provide both telephonic as well as in-person consultations to help you understand which is the best treatment (or growth monitoring) plan suitable for you.
You don’t need to have a diagnosed condition before visiting us. It is the job of our mental health professionals to provide all assessments and services from scratch; therefore, you don’t need to have any prior diagnosis or assessment before visiting us.
We offer family counselling services as well as individual therapy sessions. If you think your parents need help, you can always reach out to us telephonically for further information.
We have notably experienced mental health professionals who specialize in maternity and infertility related conditions. Their knowledge, experience, and supportive care ensure high success rates with clients.
We have dieticians, physiotherapists, and yoga instructors on board, along with trained mental health professionals. This team can help you design target plans that are aimed at not only enhancing your physical health but also consider your mental health.
It is a wonderful thought to introspect and analyse before entering into long term commitments. So, it is essential that you give yourself the opportunity to attend our flagship workshops and training on ‘Angry birds in love’. Several unmarried couples, as well as married couples, report feeling very satisfied and report having more fulfilled relationships after attending this program.
We have internationally trained mental health staff who ensure that our trainings and workshops can be attended by people of various nationalities and living experiences. In addition to taking a person-specific approach, where individualized care is given to each client (attendee) of the workshop, we also use some universal principles for the betterment of the clients. And these principles have been based on intensive research.
It is very difficult to be in a situation where trusting a significant other doesn’t come easy. Being troubled by thoughts of infidelity is often very taxing to our mind and body. Our team of expert practitioners can help you when you are facing difficulties in your relationships.
In a relationship it is common to face a difficult phase. After the initial honeymoon phase of a relationship, several couples report feeling alienated from one another. Our team of psychologists uses various psychological and anthropological studies to solve deep-rooted issues. We offer couple’s therapy sessions, workshops, and training to help couple in such distress.
Senior Care Management is a part of Kaleidoscope Life-Skills LLP, dedicated to nurture and care for the mental wellness of the senior citizens in our society. At Senior Care Management, special services to the nurture needs of the elders are rendered, be it at home or at the care centre. Thus, keeping them in a sound mental, physical and emotional state. All our services are customized according to the needs and physical and mental capabilities of our seniors.
Senior Care Management provides the following services:
  • Joyful Companionship

  • At Home Therapeutic counselling

  • Home Management

  • Health Management

  • Alzheimer and Dementia Care

  • Therapeutic counselling at Care Centre

  • Bon Voyage (Domestic/ International)

  • Seniors Club

The services for Dementia and Alzheimer’s care is divided in two parts:
  • Core Dementia Care

  • Companionship in Dementia Care

Growing health issues, with age, is the reality of life. The list of medicines become so long that it becomes hard for the elderly to remember the correct time or their dosage. Sometimes, even hospital visits become tiresome and tedious. Keeping this purview in mind, the Health Management module was selectively designed for managing and assisting the elderly with their medical needs by training and supervising the support staff and giving them holistic service for the elderly’s needs. With family members of the elderly living away from them, an all-round support for administering or supervising medical assistance is provided with Health Management segment of Senior Care Management.
The session will last between 1 hour to 2 hours, depending on the requirements of the elderly.
Senior Care Management was forged with the thought of mental well-being of the elderly and a graceful aging process. We offer myriad of services under one roof. We nurture the special needs of the elders at your home and our focus is to give our elders a healthy mind, body and soul, through our range of services offered at your home and at our care centre. All our services are customized according to the needs of the seniors. It is delivered by trained and certified psychologists who ensure more focussed care towards our clients.
Senior Care Management offers the Home Management services which assists the elderly in daily living. Our care experts can train their house help for their specific requirements, run errands, assist in payment of bills and more such daily chores around the house.
Following are the services we provide in other domains:
  • Child and Adolescent Care

  • Career counselling

  • Adult Care

  • Organization Support

Organizational psychology is a specialized branch of psychology, which focuses on, “the scientific study of human behaviour in organizations and workplaces.” Organizational Psychologists primarily conduct research and develop tests and programs for different organizations. Their aim is to use scientifically researched methodology to increase the happiness and efficiency of a workforce. In contrast, HR professionals rarely perform research to create programs.
Organizational psychologists use scientific methods to apply psychological principles across a wide range of areas, including administration, human resources, marketing, management, and training. Their ultimate goal is to identify and solve problems relating to the workplace.

Today organizational psychologists may:

  • Determine barriers that hinder company growth and employee productivity

  • Design measures to examine workplace performance and job satisfaction

  • Formulate more effective training programs

  • Optimize the work environment to promote quality of life for employees

  • Identify core personality traits that work best for specific roles

  • Help companies select and promote the best candidates

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of newly implemented training programs or workplace protocols

Kaleidoscope has a team of experienced organizational psychologist cum trainers which provide one stop solutions with holistic approach to deal with all the issues at organizational level.
This program is designed by experienced and certified psychologist in such a way that it tells you about the health of your organization and how that can be improved depending on the results of the diagnostics.
By taking up the diagnostic program prepared by our experts you can identify the areas where your employees are lacking energy and need some assistance to boost the energy level. However, after the program, they are aided with counselling sessions by our psychologists, on one-on-one basis, which makes it easier for them to improve the level of performance and productivity. We at Kaleidoscope, perform Training Need Assessment, which gives a picture of the areas where the employees are facing challenges and require training. Accordingly, they prepare program for your organization which will ultimately help you to improve the productivity by implementing the knowledge acquired by them on their day to day life.
The duration of the diagnostic program is 3 months and further it can be customized depending on the requirements of the client.
Diagnostic tool prepared by our team includes screening tool that needs to be answered by all the participants, which is then followed by a workshop and follow-up sessions with our experts.
This program helps in measuring the energy level of employees, physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially, while performing their tasks. Thus, identifying the area where the energy levels are low. It is after this identification, that we work on the required areas with the help of workshops to boost their energy levels and motivation.
The Employee Assistance Programs are prepared by our team of experts depending on the need of the organization, which generally include services like yoga, employee counselling, geriatric counselling for employee parents, Reiki etc.
The benefits of workplace counselling for employees include:
  • Easy access to trained counsellors

  • A safe space to talk about their problems

  • Helping employees to better understand themselves

  • Establishing or improving coping skills

  • Developing effective solutions to problems

  • Learning to have a positive outlook and different perspective

Productivity is a result of motivation, and motivation thrives in a good organizational culture. A team of expert from Kaleidoscope helps you in assessing the motivation level of employees with the help of psychometric assessment and further assist you with the steps that your organization can take to improve the level of motivation, if required.
Kaleidoscope provides holistic approach treatment to deal with issues at organizational level. You have to book an appointment with our expert and our experts will assist you in dealing with your concerns at individual level. Also we provide counseling, therapies, workshops or trainings at individual level to deal with your issues. In counseling we have experts dealing with relationship counseling, marriage counseling, and Geriatric counseling with reference to aging parents.
Kaleidoscope provides holistic approach treatment to deal with issues at organizational level. You have to book an appointment with our experts who will assist you in dealing with your concerns at individual level. We also provide counselling, therapies, workshops or trainings at individual level to deal with such issues.
To find out reason for the same all you need to do is book an appointment with our expert that could be either online or one-on-one basis and our expert will assist you with the same.
All one need is to have work-life balance in this situation and a team of expert from Kaleidoscope is there to help you in creating this balance and guiding you with all the therapies or technique that are beneficial for you in this situation. You can also book a slot for counselling, trainings or workshop on the same to know how you can create a balance and what steps one should take. For counselling, we have experts dealing with relationship counselling, marriage counselling, and Geriatric counselling with reference to aging parents and for families with kids, we also provide career counselling.
Kaleidoscope provides you with the holistic approach treatment at organizational level. We provide counselling, therapies, workshops as well as training to help you in dealing with work related stress, which is a major cause of anxiety and other physical distress symptoms. You are free to book a slot for any of the services at your comfort level and our experts will help you in assisting with your concern, when required by you.
Yes, there are solutions to all the mental health concerns. Here at Kaleidoscope, we offer you a holistic treatment approach for the challenges you are facing. All you need is to book a session with our expert who will assist you with a solution. We also provide training and workshops on work-life balance so that you have more ways to create balance in your life.
Yes, Kaleidoscope provides holistic treatment approach to all mental health concerns. Just book an appointment with our expert over a call, or online or just walk into our care centre. You talk to our experts and get a solution to your challenges.
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