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Senior Care Management is dedicated to nurture and care for the mental wellness of the senior citizens in our society. We offer specialized services to nurture the needs of the elders, be it at home or the care center. Thus, we help in keeping them in a sound mental, physical, and emotional state. All our services are customized according to the needs of our seniors.

Senior Care Management was forged with the thought of the mental wellbeing of the elderly and a graceful aging process. With age comes a myriad of challenges which include limited movement of limbs, loss of vision, loss of memory, loss of various regular bodily functions, etc. This leads to various other mental illnesses, like depression, dementia, hypertension, etc. All put together, the aging process, thus, can become frightening to some of the elderly. It is during these trying times, that elderly should be kept occupied with some or the other activities, to at least ease out the stress caused by the physical changes. A positive mind has great potential. With a healthy mind, the coping mechanism of the body can sustain for a much longer duration. With the change in time and globalization, our families drift apart, due to circumstances that are out of control. This may lead to a lonely old age. They feel rejected by their own family and friends. It is during these trying times that they need a companion to unburden their feelings and someone to help them to become more empathic towards the situation of their loved ones who are unable to be by their side. It is all these small yet impactful scenarios in an elderly’s life, that helped materialize the concept of Senior Care Management. With the rigorous efforts of the entire team of Kaleidoscope, this project is now a family, working towards a brighter future and peaceful aging of the senior citizens.

Issues Addressed

  • Low self-esteem and self-concept

  • Dealing with loss

  • Dealing with aging, illness, and dependence

  • Dealing with death and dying

  • Loss of memory

  • Insomnia

  • Low mood

  • Loss of appetite

  • Difficulty in emotion regulation

  • Difficulty in building and maintaining a relationship

  • Any physical illness that is affecting emotions, thought, and memory

  • Problems in decision making and concentration

  • Difficulty in handling finances and working with numbers

Therapy & Support Sessions At Home

Joyful Companionship

Retired life can sometimes, become lonely. All they need is a companion so they can share their thoughts and wisdom. Senior Care Management assigns certified psychologists, as a Young Companion, to attend to the intellectual needs of their Senior Companion. All our services are customized according to the needs and physical and mental capabilities of our seniors. Some of the services under the Joyful Companionship are brain-stimulating games, discussions on current affairs, indulgence in their hobbies or some creative activities, technology learning, social outings, etc.

Home Therapeutic Counselling

Adapting to changing times is challenging. With our creatively designed Therapeutic Counselling sessions at home, we help the Seniors with various aspects of their lives that they find difficult to cope with. The sessions are organized at home for the convenience of the seniors and their families. Therapeutic sessions are organized for Seniors suffering from depression, family or marital discord, personality disorder, stress, anxiety, etc.

Alzheimer and Dementia Care

We understand the daily struggles and challenges faced by the seniors and their family members, who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. The Senior Care Management department provides them with mental and emotional support, through a very structured methodology. This helps them to cope with their situation in a better way. The care does not entail the prevention or cure for the condition but rather equips the clients with emotional wellbeing and the ability to manage situations. The services have been segregated into two parts

  • Dementia Care for the elderly
  • Caregiver training and counselling
Home Management

Under this segment, we aid the seniors to manage their daily activities around their home. From managing and training the staff help, banking assistance, online shopping, coordination with outsourced services, overall funds management, assistance in bill payments, to running errands, we provide it all.

Health Management

We can assist the seniors with their daily medical requirements by keeping them in a sound physical and mental health, with services like assistance for hospital visits, medication management, dietary management, health monitoring, support staff supervision & holistic approach to mental and physical well being, etc.

Theareupetic Retreats

With restricted movements, the seniors are sometimes stuck within the confines of their own homes. Therapeutic Retreats was created with the view to give the elderly, with trained assistance, an opportunity to explore new places within their comfort zone. This will give them the confidence and courage to undertake tours and excursions, they have been longing for so long. This is when they can unbuckle their worries, and embrace the dance of life. The Senior Care Experts would ensure that the seniors are fully assisted and have a wonderful time.

happy senior couple admiring view at park

Seniors Club Programs

To keep our senior’s days busy, we encourage them to join our elite Seniors Club. Let them become a part of a group with like-minded, intellectual souls and join them for group activities, social engagements, and other interesting endeavours. Under the Seniors Club Program there are three types of services

Counselling Sessions

Elderly people can come together at the center and get a group or individual counselling sessions to maintain their mental and emotional health.

Workshops & Fun activities

The elderly people can engage themselves in educational, creative, constructive, and fun workshop sessions.

Creative Therapies

We provide a wide range of therapies for people who experience different types of emotional pain, vulnerability, life struggles, or mental health issues. Our team of psychologists specializes in Art Therapy, Dance Movement Therapy, Music Therapy, and so on. Each therapy is influenced by its unique medium or form, giving it the flexibility to meet the complex needs of our clients.

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